What are the Benefits of a Pizza POS System?

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What are the Benefits of a Pizza POS System?

Pizza POS Systems

Pizza is known worldwide and for good reason. It makes a great game night supper or movie night with the family. Whatever the occasion and however you enjoy it, pizza is a great meal. For those who work in your favorite pizzeria it can be more complicated than just a simple order. From the time of the order to the time of the delivery of food there are many steps, and pizza POS systems can help in every aspect.

Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Our pizza POS system is cloud-based, simple to use, safe and your information is always accessible. Many restaurants and pizza shops have POS systems, but many of them are tied to their hardware. This means they must be used with one specific computer system and may not be compatible with existing computer systems. Our cloud-based system can be used with any hardware, so long as there is an internet connection.

Customizable Pizza POS Systems

Pizza stores are not all the same. There are different menus, coupons, prices and even different names. In fact, there may be more differences than similarities between them all. Our pizza POS system is customizable to accommodate all of these unique characteristics. You can program the menu and prices from an individual store to a chain franchise.

Ordering Made Simple

Our pizza POS system has simplified ordering through a variety of ways. The order will come right from the customer online to the kitchen, without anyone in the middle taking the order. This way, there will be less errors in the ordering process. Language is also not a barrier anymore, as this POS system can be used in multiple languages. Our system can work with QR codes on tables, while allowing customers to order and pay for their meal through a selection of payment methods. Having a kiosk in the restaurant for customers to order limits the need for additional staff. Those working can focus on preparing the food and delivering it to each customer.

POS Systems can Help with Delivery Services

Without a good delivery service, no matter how great the pizza is, the pizzeria will struggle. With so many people ordering food delivery, delivery service is crucial. When hungry people are waiting for their pizza, they may get cranky and call the store wanting information about how long until it is delivered. Our pizza POS system can track the delivery through GPS, even assisting in creating delivery routes, prioritizing deliveries and even managing delivery charges for different zones. This system also offers curbside text to pick up, limiting person-to-person interactions.

There are many other features that our pizza POS system has to assist your restaurant. From individual stores to chains, these features help with running the business, allowing you more time to focus on the customers. From online and in-person ordering, delivery, visual kitchen aid and even creating or checking inventory, we can help you with it all. For more information about our pizza POS system, click here.

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