Pizzerias and POS: How a Point-of-Sale System Can Boost Your New Business

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Pizzerias and POS: How a Point-of-Sale System Can Boost Your New Business


Opening a new pizzeria can be a lot of work and incredibly expensive. You just want to get your delicious pizzas to the people, but you are bogged down with the administrative duties of restaurant ownership. You need a point-of-sale (POS) system that takes care of a wide range of tasks. A great pizza POS system lets you get back to what you do best: making pizza.  

A great pizza POS system handles more than just credit card transactions. It can be a lifesaver for any new pizzeria owner who is trying to juggle dine-in, delivery, and online ordering.

Great Reviews

Great reviews can make your new pizza restaurant extremely successful. Make sure your pizza POS system is not getting in the way of 5-star ratings. Your new pizzeria needs a reliable and versatile pizza POS system to make sure everything runs smoothly, getting you the rave reviews that your pizza deserves.

Excellent Customer Service

A great pizza POS system needs to be easy to use for the customers, the staff, and the bookkeeper. It needs to allow your staff to continue their excellent customer service from start to finish. Your POS system should offer a variety of payment options, and it should have a great user interface that is easy to understand. Customers should be able to pay with ease and tack on a well-deserved tip in the process. Your bookkeeper should be able to easily pull up convenient and useful reports at any time.

A pizza POS system can also provide great customer-interfaces, including a kiosk ordering system, a convenient online ordering interface, and hassle-free payment options. Your customers will love how easy it is to place and pay for their orders.

Inventory Planning

Pizza POS systems can help you to keep track of your inventory. When you rely on your POS system to manage vendors and keep track of inventory, you free up your time for more important tasks that require your personal touch. A pizza POS system that is set up to manage inventory can also provide you with invaluable tracking and reporting information that will help you to plan the future success of your pizzeria.

Easy to Use

Above all else, your pizza POS system should be easy to use. If you do encounter a snag, the POS company should be just a quick phone call away with excellent customer service representatives waiting to give you a hand. They know that your business needs to be working at top efficiencies all the time.

Adora POS supports new and established restaurants with a pizza POS system that is like no other. Their cloud-based POS software makes sure that your information stays safe and secure, while still allowing you to access the system from a variety of platforms.

Adora POS understands the unique needs of a pizzeria and has designed their pizza POS system to include a wide variety of useful features. Delivery management, online ordering, QR codes, timed pricing, kitchen display, kiosks, customer reward programs, and inventory management are just some of the incredible services that are built into Adora POS’ pizza POS system.

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