Four Ways Kitchen Display Systems Could Help Restaurants Bounce Back

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Four Ways Kitchen Display Systems Could Help Restaurants Bounce Back

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The COVID-19 pandemic threw the world out of balance. In restaurant circles, the constantly shifting restrictions made it difficult to stay operational and vastly reduced the number of customers. Now that the effects of the pandemic are being controlled and the restrictions are lifted, restaurants are able to welcome back customers with open doors. However, some restaurants are finding it difficult to bounce back. If that is your circumstance, you can streamline your restaurant and speed up the bounce back process by using a Kitchen Display System.

Accessible Viewing

When using paper receipt slips to inform your kitchen and wait staff about orders, it’s easy to lose an order. In a busy kitchen, a paper slip could be knocked off a table or destroyed by stray sauce.

An automated KDS solves these problems by taking orders off the table and onto a screen. Most restaurants have multiple cooking and serving stations, a KDS restaurant can have a screen for each station. This allows every employee to view orders that require items from that station and fulfill their requirements.

Simple Organization

If a paper order slip is misplaced, or loses its priority order, your kitchen could become chaotic. In the process of finding the right slip, reloading printer paper or trying to reorganize your orders, staff can lose their rhythm, leaving potential for the multiplication of mistakes and hazards.

In a KDS restaurant orders are available on screen to all stations for as long as they’re needed. Once an order is completed, it can be served off the screens.

Our Kitchen Display Systems are also completely customizable. This allows you to organize the layout and color coding of your screens. With an organization that really works for your business, your employees can work efficiently and smoothly.

Streamlined Communication

One of the most important aspects of any restaurant is communication between kitchen workers and the wait staff. If an order is relayed incorrectly, it results in unhappy customers and may reduce your customer base over time.

A KDS helps streamline communication by placing all information in an easily accessible location. With all orders in one location and well organized, your employees will not be relying as heavily on each other. At the same time, a KDS allows your employees to point out and reference orders based on a shared view.

Trackable Times

When bouncing back from the pandemic, your restaurant will be able to work with a full staff, both in your kitchen and your lobby. One of the best ways to motivate your workers to their best performance and increase customer satisfaction is to set time goals.

In a KDS restaurant, the system tracks the order from the moment it is entered until the second it gets served off. This allows you and your workers to keep track of the average time it takes for an order to be filled and set realistic goals to increase performance.

Bouncing back from the uncertainty of COVID-19 can be a long and difficult process. In a KDS restaurant, this process can be expedited. With optimized viewing, organization and communication, you can streamline your kitchen and reduce serving times without losing quality.

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