What are the Five Main Functions of Point of Sale systems?

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What are the Five Main Functions of Point of Sale systems?

Point of Sale Systems

Keeping your restaurant or bar running smoothly requires a few key tools. The market is flooded with solutions that can potentially help, but nothing keeps everything on track quite like a highly functional point of sale system.

What is a Point of Sale system?

Point of sale systems do much more than just help you to collect payments. The best of these innovative systems integrate many aspects of your restaurant or bar to make sure that everything is running at peak productivity.

At the simplest level, these systems include the software and hardware used to accept customer payment. Over the years, as technology and innovation has progressed, these systems have broadened in their functionality to include many additional services. For many bars and restaurants, a comprehensive point of sale system is one of the most important aspects of managing a growing business.

5 Main Functions of Point of Sale Systems

1)  Payment Processing

At the base level, a point of sale system must be able to easily accept a variety of payment options. It provides the customer with an easy-to-use interface for adding a tip and processing a payment. The better systems also allow for email receipts and easy check splitting options.

2)  Sales Reporting

A great point of sale system makes it easy for you to pull up a variety of sales reports so you can pinpoint your best sellers and the items that you might want to pare from the menu

3)  Employee Management

The more comprehensive systems include useful employee management tools. They make it easy to schedule shifts, split tips, and track employee productivity. Adora POS even makes it easy to schedule your delivery drivers.

4)  Inventory Tracking

Point of sale systems can also help you to track inventory, even across multiple locations. You can set it up to manage multiple vendors so you can stay on top of your inventory. No more unexpected shortages and a lot less food waste too.

5)  Customer Management

A great point of sale system can help you keep on top of your customer list. You can use it to keep track of your loyalty program and know your customer’s order history which helps them feel like the valued customers they are.

Choosing a Great Point of Sale System

At AdoraPOS, we understand the unique needs of restaurants and bars. In fact, our first system was designed specifically for a pizza restaurant. Since then, our teams have developed a comprehensive system that helps you to grow a profitable business.

We have made sure that our system is easy to use for everyone from management to new hires. Employees love how our systems improve their workflow, and customers reward the improved service with generous tips. Management loves how our point of sale systems help to improve profits and reduce waste.

Overall, Adora POS’ comprehensive point of sale systems bring together a number of incredibly useful tools that help you to run a more profitable business.

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