What are the Benefits of a Restaurant POS System?

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What are the Benefits of a Restaurant POS System?

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Electronic point-of-sale (POS) systems have been gradually becoming more and more prevalent in recent years. With many people simply opting to pay with cards for the convenience, as well as to avoid the possibility of catching COVID-19 by exchanging cash, POS systems have become popular among many businesses for the sheer convenience of transacting. But that’s not all. Restaurateurs and restaurants are taking advantage of all the extra features of a POS system. And why not? A POS system for restaurants has the potential to streamline business in several ways that will trim wasted costs and save time cataloguing and filing receipts. Until fairly recently, restaurants did everything with paper, and there was a lot of manual labor involved, which is why a POS system for restaurants is a worthwhile investment.

So what can a POS system for restaurants do to help you? Here are a few great advantages they can offer.

Ease of Transactions

These days, people have so many options for eateries, and there’s a fairly good chance they could skip over your establishment if you’re a “cash only” business. But a POS system for restaurants is much more than simply a way to stay competitive. More and more businesses are opting for POS systems because it makes things much easier for your clientele.

POS systems have come a long way from the big block with a keypad that sat at the register. Handy as that was, they are now wireless, allowing a server to complete transactions at the diner’s table, which makes for a more comfortable stay, and one less step between the seat and the door, which your patrons will appreciate. A POS system for restaurants takes all major debit and credit cards and can be programmed to accept tips as well.

A Central Logging System for Transactions

Storage boxes and file folders with stickers bearing the names of the months can be a tedious, time—and a space-consuming undertaking. Making reference to a specific receipt for taxation or to solve a dispute requires rifling through the physical records to find the receipt, which will likely need to be further photocopied. A POS system for restaurants does away with this growing mess in your records shelves. As well as tendering transactions on the spot, sophisticated POS software can help in many ways with keeping records, including organizing dates, times, and daily income, all of which can be easily referenced in an instant.


Scheduling can be another hassle. A manual schedule can be a real pain because changes can happen at any time: your cook could fall ill, or your server might need to tend to a sick child. With these scenarios, you’ll have to make any manual changes and remember to post a new copy of the schedule with quick changes. A POS system for restaurants allows you to skip this step if you so choose. Not only can modern POS software instantly log schedule changes, but it can also be programmed to accept employee clock-ins and clock-outs. A POS system for restaurants can also keep a central log of inventory, sending a notice if something is about to run out.

A Broad Choice

For a long time, POS systems were fairly restricted, usually to banks and credit unions since other POS outfits could prove prohibitively expensive. That’s all changed now. No matter what your desired specs, you can find a POS system for restaurants among a broad range of POS companies.

So where do you start? If you’re looking for a simple, browser-based POS system for restaurants with an easy and intuitive user interface, Adora POS offers an all-in-one POS with a full range of features that will drastically improve business and allow your thriving restaurant to grow. Contact us for more details.

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