How Quick Service Restaurant Software Improves Your Fast Food Business?

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How Quick Service Restaurant Software Improves Your Fast Food Business?

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The entire essence of running a fast food business is having an efficient and authentic point-of-sale (POS) system. To guarantee boosted sales, your quick service restaurant must be equipped with software that offers a set of ground-breaking features such as cloud-based storage, self-service kiosks, QR code ordering, delivery driver tracking — the possibilities are endless.

In a world where restaurateurs are bound to face challenges and tough competition, it is optimal to have integrated and streamlined POS software for restaurants to increase speed of service. Operating a smooth-running fast food business with little or no wait times will ensure your customers are satisfied and keep coming back.

An independent or a chain of fast food restaurants has a lot to manage; in-store customers, online orders, doorstep deliveries via third-party applications, drive-thru orders. Having a user-friendly and seamless interface will make sure the workflow remains uninterrupted.

There’s a lot you can expect from Adora POS’ software for restaurants. Here’s a brief rundown of some beneficial services offered by Adora POS to maximize your business.

Everything accessible in one place

With Adora, you can access your POS at any time, from anywhere — just with the click of a button. You only require a reliable internet connection. We ensure you are in full control of your restaurant operations that include but are not limited to: customizable menu items, order screen layout, discounts, food inventory, and employees.

Furthermore, our POS software for restaurants is cloud-based, meaning your data is secure at all times.

Tracking the delivery guy

You never have to worry about a late order delivery! Our innovative software for quick service restaurants lets you keep track of the delivery drivers in a real-time driver dispatch map that displays color-coded order timing, order routing, and order regrouping.

We created this remarkable software with a versatile approach in mind that allows you to set custom delivery zones, delivery charges, and minimum order amounts.

QR Code Ordering

Receiving and fulfilling orders is an incredibly easy task with the help of QR code ordering. All you need is a simple and navigable app that lets your customers order food and make payments on the spot, and that renders fewer steps for your staff.

With Adora, we’ve taken the extra steps to create an all-encompassing application for your restaurant business. In light of the recent global pandemic, our QR feature enables minimal close contact between the customers and servers.

Online ordering and kiosks

Self-service kiosks are an absolute hit among customers and improve the overall guest experience because they get to choose what they like. While kiosks eliminate labor costs, the process itself is quicker and more convenient as the order goes straight to the kitchen.

Online ordering is another featured option that cuts back on an enormous amount of paper waste and makes the management more efficient. Now, customers can virtually place an order ahead of time and eliminate the need to stand in line. This creates a win-win situation for customers and the team.

Your business can acquire more traffic by giving out enticing discounts and promotions regularly through the online ordering app. Who doesn’t want to save money on the food they love?

With the right tools offered at Adora, you can create a digital presence for your quick service restaurant.

Contactless Payments

Your fast food business will thrive as a result of prioritizing contactless and hassle-free payments. Not only is it essential for an online ordering system, but electronic payments also let the customer pay their way — simply put, your guests can split the check, pay by item or use different payment methods, however they prefer.

Customer Facing Display

Our POS software for restaurants consists of a screen presenting a customer-facing display that will instantly build trust and showcase transparency, creating a more loyal and enjoyable customer experience. This gives the customer an opportunity to check their itemized order, tax calculation, and invoice details. Through this, mistakes are minimized.

Our technology offers you intuitive and streamlined software that benefits both the customers as well as quick service restaurant business owners. Make sure your fast food business is up-to-date and running efficiently by incorporating Adora as part of your POS system.

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