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Solutions For Your Pizza Restaurant

Point of Sale

A POS that's as dynamic as your business. Forget being bogged down by hardware or overloaded servers, Adora POS software works on any platform or browser. Adora is hardware agnostic, so you can tailor your POS to your specific needs.

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Online Ordering

From customer to kitchen. Our native online platform acts as its own POS, so orders are printed in the kitchen directly from the customer.

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Kitchen Display Systems

Features your kitchen actually needs. Create a Make Line, Cut & Wrap List, and see production time reporting.

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Let your customers rack up rewards points in various ways that can be used at a designated store or chain-wide. Want to give extra loyalty points for international pizza day? Easy. Free pie on birthdays? No problem.

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Integrated and intuitive. With integrated Google Maps and a driver dispatch screen that includes color-coded order timing, order routing, and order regrouping, Adora sets your drivers up for success.

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