A full set of features

for your team

to thrive on.

A full set of features

for your team

to thrive on.

See Adora POS Features Below

Browser-Based = Freedom

  • Cloud Compatible: Adora is 100% cloud-based, So your information is safe, accessible and secure.
  • A POS that's as dynamic as your business: Forget being bogged down by hardware, Adora works on any platform or browser.
  • Technology that makes your life easier: Your POS shouldn't limit you-Adora allows your business to utilize the cloud to work with the technology you already have.

We Can Help with
Enterprise Management

  • Customizable control means your POS is uniquely yours: Menu items, order screen layout, discounts, employees, inventory, and customers can all be controlled from our centralized, streamlined system.
  • You’re never too far away with Adora: Access your POS anytime, anywhere— all you need is an internet connection.
  • There’s a lot on your plate: We can help with store level and chain-wide consolidated dashboards & reporting. We’ll automatically email you key metrics too.

As Easy As (Pizza) Pie

  • An intuitive approach: Every second counts in the restaurant business, so our customizable user interface is designed to cut down on clicks.
  • Consolidation is key: Adora offers multi-store order search, smart coupons and advertisements that work with coupon codes in one easy-to-use system.
  • From unlimited toppings to unlimited pricing: From order type, to time, to customer, we offer unlimited pricing groups so you can design a system that works for you.

A New Standard for
Online Ordering

  • From customer to kitchen: Our native online platform acts as its own POS, so orders are printed in the kitchen directly from the customer.
  • Menu control at every level: Make the menu yours at the store, franchise, or corporate level with customizable item names, prices, description, and images. Even add online coupons.
  • No 3rd party delivery fees: Online ordering is between your business and your customers, with no fees to disincentivize online ordering.
  • Options for every customer: There’s no language barrier with Adora—we offer bilingual, customer-facing online ordering capability.
Delivery Management

Delivery Mangement Made Easy

  • Integrated and intuitive: With integrated Google Maps and a driver dispatch screen that includes color coded order timing, order routing, and order regrouping, Adora sets your business up for success.
  • Watch deliveries as they happen: Never wonder where a delivery order is again. Our Driver Tracking App lets you see the driver on the dispatch map in real time.
  • A system that’s as customizable as your orders: We know delivery isn’t one-size-fits-all. Adora allows you to set up custom delivery zones, minimum order amounts, and delivery charges.

Putting Technology to
Work with QR Code Ordering

  • A simple, streamlined way to take and fulfill orders: Customers scan their table’s QR code, place their order, and the ticket is printed in the kitchen. When it’s ready, the food is delivered directly to the table.
  • We’ll create an app your customers will love: All that’s needed for customers to start using the QR ordering system is an easy-to-use, quick-to-download app.
  • Payment has never been easier: Not only can customers order through the app, but they also have convenient payment options at their fingertips. This means less steps for you and your staff.
Raising Bar

We’re Raising the Bar

  • Start a tab: Our open tab technology offers functionality that lets you start tabs by either name or credit card. Cards on file are swiped and saved, eliminating issues down the line.
  • Take the stress out of happy hour: Timed pricing for multiple happy hours means we’ll watch the clock for you.
  • No one wants to wait for a drink: Adora’s fast bar screen means a better workflow for bartenders, and quicker drinks for bar patrons.

Dedicated Call Centers for
a Streamlined Experience

  • Unlimited, cloud-based call centers: Set up a call center with unlimited agents using your own employees, all with just one number.
  • We’ll sort out the details for you: Orders are automatically directed to the right store, every time— based on customer address and store delivery zone.
Call Centers

Great Food Starts with a
Great Kitchen Display System

  • Features your kitchen needs: Create a Make Line, Cut & Wrap List, and see production time reporting.
  • Prioritizing orders can make all the difference: Adora’s kitchen display system automatically prioritizes orders based on order type and will put rush orders at the top of the Make List.
  • Never miss an important detail: Our kitchen display system lets you see items that have been updated or deleted, as well items that are paid or unpaid. Our visual indicators mean you’ll always be on top of your business.

Kiosks Act as
Another Set of Hands

  • A streamlined experience your guests will love: With our self-ordering kiosks, guests can choose exactly what they’d like, meaning less mistakes. Kiosks are configurable and native to our POS, so you can utilize Adora’s great features in all aspects of your business.
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps saves money: Not only do kiosks eliminate labor costs, but they can help increase revenue by marketing directly to customers, and providing them with a faster, more efficient ordering experience.

Hassle-Free Payments

  • Safe, secure, & adjustable: Credit card payments are EMV enabled and PCI certified. Plus, we’ll automatically adjust payments on any order changes.
  • Easy, electronic payments: Let customers sign the check electronically, and have their receipt emailed directly or printed.
  • Customers pay their way: Whether they want to split the check, pay by item, or use different payment methods, every customer is able to pay in a way makes them comfortable.

Help Valuing Your
Loyal Customers

  • Rewards for returning customers: Let your customers rack up rewards points that can be used at a designated store or chain wide. LevelUp offers third party integration you can trust.
  • Gift cards everyone will want to give and receive: With ValueTech and WordPay third party integration, offering gift cards has never been easier.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

  • Assess inventory across locations: Adora’s centralized inventory database allows you to count inventory by list or location, as well as transfer items between stores.
  • Manage multiple vendors: Chain wide vendors lists mean you can receive the same item from different vendors with no added stress.
  • Stay on top of inventory over time: With Adora you can manage perpetual inventory, as well as ideal vs. actual tracking and reporting.

A Team Effort

  • Strong teams need strong employee management: Centralized employee databases puts all employee information in one easy to access place, with the added feature of sharing employees between stores.
  • Scheduling tools ensure you’ll have the right people at the right time: Efficiently schedule employees by day or by week, and seamlessly transfer previous schedules over to upcoming weeks.
  • Data-driven projections: Adora uses previous sales to accurately project scheduled labor costs and percentages. You can also schedule drivers based on previous numbers of deliveries.

We're Great Tippers

  • Tip-pooling that works for your employees: Easily set up tip pooling by percentage based on position or split the tips evenly.
  • Fast, accurate reports save time crunching numbers: Calculating a tip pool by hand takes time, but Adora saves hours of needless labor—and ensures accuracy. A tip pooling distribution report with manager and employee signatures means everyone knows how to their shift went.

Keep Your Customer at the
Core of Your Business with CRM

  • Get to know your customers: Store level or chain wide customer databases use intelligent filtering that allows you to keep track of your guests. Customer order history with last order recall keeps every customer feeling like a regular.
  • On the house: Adora allows you to provide customers with store level or chain wide credits, and even provides the ability to consolidate multiple credits.

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