Who Is Adora?

Company History

Adora was created in 2014 when the executives of the California-based Pizza Chain Mountain Mikes became frustrated after trying multiple POS systems. They had failed to meet the current technology demands of a modern restaurant chain, or multiple store franchise ownership group. 

Sharli Younan, the Chief Technology Officer and Adora POS founder, decided to create a more effective, more comprehensive and customer-specific restaurant POS system that prioritizes the chain or multi-store franchise groups specific POS sale needs. The system was designed with ease-of-operation for all levels of a restaurant team from front-end cashier, to franchise owner, to executives in the home office reviewing daily, weekly or monthly activities. After 2 years of comprehensive testing the Adora POS system was launched and is in its 5th year of existence. The feedback on our system and our service has been overwhelmingly positive as we look to rapidly expand our presence throughout the United States.

Our Philosophy

We Believe in Elevating the Expectations of Cloud POS Software

We believe in developing the most intuitive POS software using the latest development tools and infrastructure to ensure a superior look & feel, as well as speed and performance.  Our development team works tirelessly improving the current software build while researching the latest trends in web development.

We also believe in exceeding the expectations of excellent customer service.  Every member of the Adora team puts the customer above all else. We invest heavily in tools to better serve our customers to ensure every question is answered as quickly as possible. Our customer support philosophy is talking to a live person is clearly superior to an automated voice where the only option is to leave a message.  There is no substitute for a friendly voice.

By partnering with Adora, you will find yourself not needing to call our support often because of the stability of our software, but you will receive a personal touch when you do.



Kevin Wendland